Website consultants are a waste of money! I can do this myself.

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Yes, it is not hard to make a website. With places like Wix, GoDaddy, Dream Host and Host Gator, you can register a domain name and have a site up in a few hours.  This looks like it could save you thousands of dollars by doing it yourself after dinner and a glass (or two) of your favorite tipple.  The beauty of Google is that with a little searching, you  can be an "expert" in anything in a matter of minutes and save a ton of dough!  Some examples include:

The examples above, in my opinion, show that just because you can do something doesn't mean you should. (And that the Internet is a scary place!)  Back to my feelings on DIY websites...

It starts with what you want out of a website.  Do you want a simple one that just shows who you are and your address with a phone number or do you want one that will enhance your brand, be an integral part of your business that your customers interact with and improve your bottom line?  Either way, professional help is good.

To help put this whole thing into perspective, as of right now, there are approximately 1,877,779,606 sites on the internet with two+ more being added every second.  So the odds of at least a few of them being competitive to you are fairly high.  Also, with professionals out there like Amazon, Facebook and YouTube all competing for your customers' attention with staffs of people optimizing their digital footprint, how are your customers going to find you?

Now consider paid advertising.  Amazon alone spent $10,000,000,000 last year on advertising.....   10 BILLION DOLLARS....  No matter what you are selling, they are actively spending money to pull your customers and traffic away from you.  Are you up to speed on the best ways to utilize current advertising and customer engagement technology?  Do you want to keep up to speed or manage your business???

Sure, you can spend your spare time keeping up to date on a rapidly changing topic to save some money.  But wouldn't you rather spend that time managing your business or, better yet, with your family?

There are so many different distractions on the Internet, that once you get someone where you want them, you have one chance to capitalize on it.  The opportunities missed by not doing this correctly are worth their weight in gold.

As Red Adair put is many years ago:  "If you think it's expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur." 


In the "A picture is worth a thousand words" category, one of these gentlemen hired a professional, and one did not...


To see how this could apply to your business, the first link here is to the Yale School of Art website. Please keep in mind that this is done by the students of Yale University, the real one.

Here is one we did for Dennis Goodman Photography.

Which one would you have represent your business???

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